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The Rewards and Challenges of Raising Adopted Kids: The 7 Core Issues (8 Session Training)

Presented by Debra A. Wiegel, M.F.T.

8 Sessions Starting February 22, 2024 6pm to 7:30pm

Regardless of the circumstances of their adoption, all adopted children have unique perceptions of themselves. This unique perception, whether we know it or not, is impacted by the 7 core issues of adoption, which impacts the child, their birth family, and their adoptive family. Parents and eventually adopted children must come to terms with these issues in order to navigate life in hopes of having the best outcome for all involved. Over the next four months, this 8-course training will explore each issue to help parents, professionals and teens (if they would like to join) to build stronger connections, have greater understanding and better family relationships. The last course in this series will focus on the impact of adoption and trauma on the partner/marital relationship, as this journey can take its toll (Teens asked to not attend this session). We will look at a few causes and offer a couple of relationship strengthening solutions. This information has been so helpful for many partners struggling to understand what has been happening in their relationships.


Presented by Debra A. Wiegel, M.F.T. Debra began her counseling career working as a group therapist intern for the Child and Family Institute, in Sacramento, which focused on family reunification. She taught family reunification parenting classes for CPS, completed Sierra Forever Families 40 hour clinical training in adoption in 2002, is an on-going instructional specialist for Yolo County’s FKCE program and is a post- adoption presenter for Wayfinder Family Services.