The State of California committed resources to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 for youth and post adoptive families. This California Statewide Post Adoption Navigator site was developed as
a part of this Statewide project serving families across the State.

While the Post Permanency Project ended September 30, 2022, we hope this website serves a resource to connect you to your local post adoption service provider, and you enjoy the insight articles and on demand trainings coming.

“Parenting in Oz!” Trauma-Informed Parenting - parts 3 & 4

Presented by Rolf Van Leeuwen, MSW

A training for parents, caregivers and professionals. Sponsored by Post Adoption Services.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

To present Trauma-Informed Parenting information to participants in a culturally sensitive, multi-sensory manner so that parents and professionals remember and can intervene with a trauma-informed approach on a daily basis.



Rolf Van Leeuwen was a foster parent and adopted his oldest daughter from San Francisco foster care 25 years ago. He has worked as a social worker in foster care and adoption for 31 years. Rolf is the former Director of Adoption & Permanency at Alternative Family Services. He is very passionate about the OZ! training because he has seen that when parents understand that all “misbehavior is a symptom of something deeper”, they are able to respond to the behavior in a more patient and loving manner.