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Family Success Coaching

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What is a Family Success Coach?

A Family Success Coach is a strength-based support person for families after adoption. They can offer support, education and coordination of services. Success coaches help parents build on their natural resiliencies and strengths. A success coach may be helpful in working with adoptive parents to identify resources that improve their overall stability and well-being and mitigate family challenges that arise.

How might a Family Success Coach help your family?

Success coaches are trained to listen, understand and support the unique challenges that adoptive parents and youth experience. They are able to support parents who are raising children that have experienced trauma, identify and link families to helpful resources and social support systems, reinforce positive parenting approaches, teach parents how to advocate for and access educational services, and strengthen your family’s self-sufficiency and relationships.

Dependent on your family’s unique needs, success coaches can:

  • Connect your family to community resources
  • Help you assess your child’s needs and understand the unique developmental needs of adoption that arise
  • Provide education and training
  • Offer opportunities to connect with other families
  • Offer support for special school needs
  • Help you manage crisis
  • Help you manage complex birth family relationships
  • Provide referrals to individual, family and group counseling
  • Teach trauma-informed parenting strategies that really work
  • And more…


What families who have worked with a success coach have said:

  • Success Coaches helped them be more resilient and find supports in their lives, sometimes working with their extended families, sometimes working with other supports in their community.
  • A success coach encouraged them to be more reflective as a parent and understand their child’s perspective.
  • They valued the assistance with learning and becoming more proficient as a parent.


Who can request a Success Coach?

  • Any family who is in the process of adopting or has adopted a child from California or resides in California as an adoptive parent.
  • You do not have to be a current client of Lilliput, a part of Wayfinder Family Services

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